In the Heart of Sachsen Anhalt – and Germany

Here there are many extraordinary sights which are often not widely known. The Elbe River threads through the region like a blue band along the “Romanesque Road.” Here is a unique river and meadow landscape unlike any other in Europe – it forms the “Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve.” With luck you can even chance upon an Elbe Beaver at work.

With its “Elban Cultural Landscape” of historic parks, the city of Magdeburg has created a cycling and hiking paradise that lets you experience the landscape firsthand.
Among the variety of tourist attractions are the saline spas in Schoenebeck and the motor sports stadium in Ochsersleben. Here in the Elbe-Borde region you will also find the largest linden forest in Europe, in the largest uninhabited region of Germany.

Whether you are looking for sport, refreshment, the arts, open air, or traditional festivals, the region around Magdeburg always offers rich experiences for every age group.

Youth Hostels in the Elbe-Börde-Heath region: